Alicia Gooding Breaks Through

Alicia Gooding Breaks Through

When it comes to describing Alicia Gooding, there’s one phrase that immediately comes to mind — unstoppable force. As an entertainment publicist and music industry executive, Gooding is constantly pushing boundaries of what’s possible, pursuing her goals, and going above and beyond for her clients. Her fierce determination and unrelenting drive have earned her the reputation as the epitome of a go-getter

Throughout her career, Gooding has explored a plethora of avenues in the entertainment industry — from launching her own brand management and PR agency C.O.D.E to joining the cast of BET’s reality TV show “Hustle in Brooklyn” to joining Breakr, a platform where artists, creators and brands can connect directly with influencers to create movements, as Head of Label Services. Always on the move, it’s no surprise that Gooding has expanded her reach into the podcasting world. 

Gooding has teamed up with Hero Media, a 100% Black-owned and certified media and technology company, to launch a dynamic video podcast called “Breakthrough” exclusively on the Goodfeed platform.  This podcast aims to shed light on the challenges that women face when trying to break in and break through glass ceilings in the entertainment industry. On this podcast show, Alicia will interview female industry executives, celebrities and entrepreneurs, discussing topics like having the right team, representation and other tips female artists and aspiring professionals need to know when getting in the industry. 

With her extensive experience in the entertainment world, combined with her undeniable passion and colorful energy, Gooding makes the perfect host for this groundbreaking series. Through “Breakthrough”, she’ll not only make an impact on the industry itself but also pave the way for aspiring female artists and professionals to succeed.