Eden Bridgeman Sklenar, Eric Austin and Halle Berry Honored at Heroes of Media Awards in Cannes

100% Black-owned media network, Hero Media, Honors the Actor and Founder, and Leaders from Ebony and P&G for Commitments to Diverse-Owned Media

June 21, 2023 (CANNES, FRANCE)–Hero Media honored Eden Bridgeman Sklenar, Chairwoman and CEO of Ebony and Jet, and Eric Austin, Senior Director of Global Brand Building and Media Innovation, Procter & Gamble at the inaugural Heroes of Media Awards Dinner, sponsored by HP Inc, in Cannes, France on Juneteenth. The 100% Black-owned media network also honored Halle Berry, Academy Award Winner and Founder of Re-Spin, with the “Heroes of Media Vanguard Award,” presented to innovators who are not afraid to take risks in the advancement of media ventures that put diversity at the forefront.

“Halle Berry’s willingness to invest her own resources in the launch of Re-Spin, an all women’s media platform, focused on providing women from diverse backgrounds with actionable information, is nothing short of incredible,” said Hero Media Founder and Chairman, Joe Anthony. “Building a media company from the ground up is no small feat, and for that, we were proud to honor Halle Berry at our inaugural awards dinner.”

The two industry leaders, Eden and Eric, received the Heroes of Media award for their exceptional contributions to supporting diverse-owned media investment. As the CEO of Ebony and Jet, Eden Bridgeman Sklenar’s leadership in taking an over 75-year old legacy Black-owned media brand into the future has ushered in a new era for the iconic magazines. Eric Austin’s leadership at Procter & Gamble, which has committed to being the number one advertiser in Black-owned media, has led to the company’s advocacy for rewiring programmatic media for inclusivity.

“Hero Media was created to help empower the next generation of diverse-owned publishers and creators. Cannes is the perfect backdrop to have the disruptive conversations necessary to drive inclusivity in media. I am proud to have hosted the Heroes of Media Awards honoring two of our fantastic colleagues, Eden and Eric, who have long advocated and supported diverse-owned media investment,” said Joe Anthony, Founder, Hero Media.

Hero Media hosted its first “Heroes of Media” dinner and reception, an exclusive gathering of top industry executives, advertising industry luminaries and members of the media for a night of recognition and celebration–this year on Juneteenth. The event kicked-off the week, featured a champagne reception and dinner at one of Cannes most iconic venues, the Palme D’Or at the Hotel Martinez, and brought some of the most iconic figures in our industry together on the ground in the French Riviera.


Hero Media is a new and innovative Black owned and certified media network and technology company focused on empowering the next generation of diverse owned publishers and creators. Hero Media’s mission is focused on empowerment, digital innovation, and ownership in support of the growth and expansion of the diverse-owned media industry after years of underinvestment.