Tai Beauchamp Wants All Women to Take a Hike

Tai Beauchamp Wants All Women to Take a Hike

From beauty and fitness influencer, to entrepreneur, wellness coach, and much more, Tai Beauchamp is certainly taking the lead in showing that women can, in fact, do it all–when they take care of themselves. Over the years, she has helped women navigate the lifestyles they want in an emotionally, physically, and mentally enriching way. Lately, it’s been through the canyons of Griffith Park with motivated and wellness-centered women.

Tai and her community start out with an early “Morning Mindset with Tai” Instagram live, which helps set a positive and motivational tone for the day. Inspiring women to affirm and prepare to navigate the day ahead, this virtual ritual has expanded to showing up to commune IRL as for “The Hike.”

“The Hike and Experience” is a monthly event held to guide the sisterhood in connecting with nature in an active way. It is a “curated 4-hour interactive and immersive wellness experience” inclusive of meditation, dance, and movement. Featuring a challenging hike that ends with a gratitude circle and soothing sound-baths, the hike provides a space for connection and positivity for women interested in wellness and coming together.

Recent hikes have taken place at the iconic Griffith Park in Los Angeles, and have been co-hosted by a variety of women leaders in music, to business and non profit work. Tai Beauchamp’s experiences “The Hike” have created a tribe of sisterhood fueled by wellness, connections, and powerful conversations.

Tai is helping women to put their well-being and selves first. And, providing spaces and resources that provide people of color the opportunity to be vulnerable, and empowered, but also connected in a way that is not often seen, but it is certainly needed.